Typical handmade pasta


Typical Apulian dishes are characterised by wholesome and simple ingredients which best enhance the quality of vegetables grown in the sun, as in the case of tomatoes or other dairy products that lend themselves to giving a substantial touch to preparations, but remain simple and poor in the case of first courses where – quite apart from the variety of shapes – pasta is always made from water and flour.

In fact, water, flour and passion are the three main ingredients of Apulian pasta.

Among the best known pastas is “strascinati” and other shapes of fresh pasta.

In the markets and shops you will find leading national brands which commonly prepare shapes like orecchiette, which are now equally popular and enjoyed from North to South.

Orecchiette are a type of pasta typical of the Apulia region.

Their shape is similar to a small ear; hence the name.

Size is about 3/4 of a thumb, and they appear as small white domes, with the centre thinner than the edge and with a rough surface.


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