The Treccia


The Treccia dei Trulli has obtained recognition of protected designation of origin.

It is, in fact, a wholesome and local product made from cow’s milk, from cows bred exclusively in Apulia.

This characteristic Apulian cheese is made in the shape of a braid, but can also take other forms, just like mozzarella cheese.

Mozzarella Pugliese obtained the PDO designation in 2017, after a long and complex process; following the registration and transformation of the ATS “Treccia dei Trulli” into a Consortium, all the farmers and producers operating in the area joined up and, in accordance with specified requirements, now certify their products with the new Community mark.

The Treccia dei Trulli is a soft, filament cheese that can be cut into various shapes.

Unlike buffalo mozzarella, it is less fatty, has a homogeneous milk-white colour and is free of patches or streaks.

The taste is that of a fresh, delicately acidulous dairy product, while the smell is that of slightly acidulous milk.

Without rind, its surface is white, smooth and shiny, with a fibrous structure of overlapping layers: when cut, it releases a milky liquid.


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