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We are linked to tradition and to the local area, and this is reflected in our production.

In particular, we produce a wide range of taralli, such as Tarallo with Sesame Seeds, Tarallo with Onion, Tarallo with Chilli, Tarallo al Calzone, Tarallo with Fennel, Tarallo without seeds, Tarallo potato and oregano, Tarallo with olives, Tarallo with cereals, Tarallo with cima di rapa, Tarallo with tumeric, Tarallo with ginger and Tarallo pizzaiola.

Other flagship products of ours are extra-virgin olive oil and typical fresh pasta – such as orecchiette.

We also make cheeses: typical mature and traditional cheeses such as the burrata IGP, made with the spun paste normally used for the mozzarella cheese; small spherical bags are then formed containing strips of the same mixture as the casing and cream, obtained by centrifugation from the serum and which must be eaten fresh to enjoy every drop of flavour.


Closed on Sunday

Monday - Saturday 8:00-21:00

All-day opening


Street Cornelia, 4, Andria (BT)

We are in Andria, in the Murge area of Puglia, where you can come and visit us.

We are waiting for you!


(+39) 345 798-9019

You can call us on opening days and times to request information, book an order with home delivery



You can also contact us by e-mail (email), or by filling in the contact form, or via one of our social networks.

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