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The cultivation of vines in Apulia dates back to ancient times, in particular to the Phoenician era, although in reality it was the Romans who were the first to appreciate Apulian wines, enhancing their qualities and their aromas.

In the following centuries the spread of the terrible phylloxera caused the almost total extermination of the vineyards: this disaster became the occasion to make qualitative changes to the production system.

The aim was then to reconstruct the vineyards: following the old logic for the production of blending wines and, in part, aiming at quality with the introduction of the Negroamaro and Primitivo grape varieties.

Over the years these actions were rewarded and the success was so great that these vines still represent the Apulian oenology in the world.

The Apulian vineyards are dominated in an undisputed way by the red grapes, which cover more than 80%.

The vines that reign in the wine-growing territory of Puglia are Negroamaro and Primitivo, followed by Bombino bianco e nero, Trebbiano toscano, uva di Troia, sangiovese, montepulciano, malvasia nera.

In addition to the 4 Controlled and Guaranteed Designations of Origin (DOCG), Puglia includes 28 Controlled Designations of Origin (DOC), the highest number of DOCs in Italy after Tuscany.


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