The olive in Italy


Italy is the second largest olive oil producer, after Spain, in Europe and in the world, with an average national production of over 464,000 tons, two thirds of which are extra virgin and with 41 PDO and 1 PGI designations recognised by the European Union.

In Italy, the olive tree is spread over about one million hectares as main crop and on a slightly smaller area as secondary crop, associated with arable crops or other tree species (vine, citrus, almond).

As far as the altitude zones are concerned, 2% of the olive trees are found in the mountains, 53% in the hills and 44% in the plains.

Due to the specific characteristics of the plant, which requires a mild climate, the cultivation of the olive tree in Italy is very widespread in the Central regions (19%) and South (77.9%), while in the North, production is more limited (2%).


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