The commercial of the Municipality of Andria


Some time ago the town of Andria made a marketing video to present the beauty of its district.

Here is the text of the video, words that we share and that we make our own, every time we work on products of the culinary tradition of Andria:

Watch the video

“A spot strongly desired by the Department of territorial marketing of the Municipality of Andria to tell how its most representative product is born.

Extra virgin olive oil. Designed, written and created by Artsmedia, the ad tells the dedication, commitment and love of those who work closely with nature every day.

The impulse that moves such a complex and ancient production process evoked through an ode to men, mornings, land and patience.

A great story with a very simple juice.

The love.”

(website Artsmedia)

“And our love that leaves home early, with the dawn wedged between the bell towers.

Pink and blue and a scent of the sea that is to be crossed and a promise to keep, a pact between strength and expectation.

And the daylight made in clusters, the peace of the plains and the strength of the bark, and the heart that shakes the branches, the earth that dirties the hands.

The gold that fills the containers and makes the bread shine. It is the juice of our history and has a unique flavour in the world.

It teases the palate and is good for your health.

Fruity, loving and spicy.”


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