Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is extracted from olives for food use.

The virgin type is obtained by the mechanical pressing of the olives.

Other types derived from olives, but with different dietary and organoleptic properties, are obtained by rectification of virgin oils and extraction with solvent from olive pomace.

Olive oil is a product of Mediterranean agri-food tradition, but it is also produced in other regions with a typically “Mediterranean climate.”

It is used above all in the kitchen, mainly in the extra-virgin and virgin varieties, to dress salads, flavour various foods and preserve vegetables in cans and jars.

What is more, thanks to its smoke point, which is fairly high at 200 °C, it is also used to fry foods at high temperature and for a long time, above all when compared to other vegetable oils or butter.

Its flavour can vary according to the olive varieties from which it is made, to the place of production, to the degree of ripening and to the way the fruit is harvested.

Olive oil isalso used in cosmetics for the production of soap; in ancient times it was used as a medicine and as a fuel for oil lamps.

Flipping through the magazine Infly issue 45 published in November 2012, by Daniele Banfi in the column edited by the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, we read “an investigation published by the magazine Neurology where it is stated that the regular use of extra-virgin olive oil reduces the probability of stroke by 41%.

This is particularly significant because research took into account physical activity, body mass index and diet.

All these variables being equal, the risk was much lower for those who consume oil”.


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